Huntley is gonna get snatched up by somebody who needs a starting QB real fast if he keeps this up

Four TD passes and a rushing TD, and there’s nearly a quarter and a half left to play.


It was clear at the time, but it’s becoming even more clear how much better Huntley was than any of our other Pac-12 quarterbacks. He’s #1 on the list by a mile. I think Travis is #2…and that says a lot about our Pac-12 offenses.


A few days ago one of the local sports radio stations were talking about Charlie Brewer being the best QB the Utes have had for a while. They kept saying Utah has really struggled with QBs lately.

It’s as if Huntley wasn’t all conference or anything. Honestly, do they even watch the games?


At the time, I was baffled that Huntley went undrafted. With all the misses teams make on QB’s taken in the early rounds, I thought for sure some team would take a flier on Huntley. It’s like nobody watched him play his senior year until the PAC-12 championship game.

It makes you think that many of the scouts in the NFL are a lot like the baseball scouts depicted in Moneyball…a bunch of old-timers basing opinions on gut feel and press clippings. Who has the better trajectory now, Tyler or Josh Rosen?


They were the BYU honks. So no. They don’t.


They still think byu is relevant nationally.


With the contract he is on, and after that showing, he is not going anywhere but to the roster for the season.

The truth is if Lamar doesn’t get his act together, Huntley could find himself starting.

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I was always mixed on Huntley. Good speed and a good arm but seemed to be too frantic in the pocket. I’m guessing the real problem is he always played behind a so so o-line which can really impact your performance. Glad to see him playing well!

He had such a good game. It was fun to watch him out there.

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Wouldn’t be surprised if a team offers a high round draft pick, but I agree with you, and the Ravens probably like having a guy that can be plugged into the offense almost seamlessly, especially with Jackson’s vax status.

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