Huntley: #1 in nation at 4th quarter QB performance

I had no idea this was a statistical category. But that’s what Bill Riley reported today on his show. I was just now listening to the podcast. Anyway, no quarterback in the country performs better in the fourth quarter.

This seems like one of those fools gold stats. Outside of a few games, how much has Utah and the other top teams really needed their QBs to do in the fourth quarter? I bet second half stats would be a better stat to judge a QB’s performance. I’m sure Huntley is highly rated in 2nd half stats but is he #1?

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Bill Riley might be channeling Paul James on that stat. I am curious how many 4Q minutes Huntley has even played.


I googled the stat and still don’t quite know what it measures. I couldn’t really find anything about it outside of the NFL.