Hunter High Shooting

For those of you who may not have been paying attention to the news today, three Hunter High football players were shot today, killing two of them. My son is an assistant out there (part time, low paying gig that he loves). The kid that’s still alive is Matt Asiata’s son.

All of the kids involved, the three victims and the four suspects, are between 14 and 15 years old. WTF?!?

Hunter High School shooting

Really sad. And Asiata has a HS son?! Hope he can recover. Tragic.

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Really!?! What happened to the sanctity of life, and just having a fist fight over a disgreement?

This is sad, on so many levels, a tragedy as well. I hope that Matt’s son survives. I hope that justice is served, but that doesn’t change my question about the sanctifty and value of life. Less violence is better, but what happened to just having a fist fight when words woudn’t resolve the issue?

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I am actually a Hunter alum. This makes me sick.

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I know Matt and Tangi really well. They had Ephraim when Matt was at Snow, he actually has a Daughter thats older, I remember meeting her during Drivers Ed (Tangi was in the same class) . So sad for their family and hopefully he can fully recover.


This makes me sick. Kids ought to be able to go to high school and play sports, then go home at night–without getting shot at school. Three families’ lives upended and changed forever.


What a mess. A sad, tragic mess. My condolences to the families who lost children to something so needless.

My son is telling me that Ephraim Asiata came through major surgery yesterday well and is awake and aware of where he is. Still has a long road ahead, though.