Huge hoops game tonight vs Stanford

Stanford has a top 50 RPI, and gets a few top 25 votes. Like the Utes they are tough at home, but not very good on the road. Their last game was a home win over Oregon. This is the type of game the Utes must win to have any hope of post season play.

Stanford has 2 splendid players. Freshman G Tyrell Terry doesn’t get the publicity of the Arizona guys, but he may be the best freshman in the conference. F/C Oscar da Silva is going to get some all-conference votes. The rest of the rotation is spotty.

They have some depth. They play 9 guys. They are not very big so they struggle to rebound. They shoot 38% from deep!

Wish I could be there, but I’ll be watching!

no Both Gach again tonight, hints are that something else is up with him besides his knee injury

Late start is so far translating into a small crowd… but it’s still early for many locals…

I’m here, and will make enough noise for 3or4!

GO UTES! Burn some trees!


Go Utes!
Complete second half

Abysmal shooting. Carlson with 6 blocks.

5:45 to go, nothing positive except Caledonia blocks in the last 5 minutes. No one seems to have an idea of what to do, coaches included. Thank Hod for the media time out …

Jantunen, I love you dude but I’ve seen you at least four times pull down an fantastic offensive rebound and then not go back up. High high chance you’ll either get the lay-in or get fouled. He HAS to work on that.

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7 blocks. I love that kid.

Uhg, end of game coaching - a Larry specialty. Let’s see if he can break the streak. Please don’t tell me the play is Timmy hurling up a 3.

Nope just Jones. We don’t need a 3 there! C’mon

Well, that was weird. I started watching the game just after halftime and Utah had 44 points. There’s 10 seconds to go now and they have 49.

This is simultaneously a fun team to root for and one of the most frustrating I have ever watched.

I guess there is no magic formula for solving a scoring drought.

Love Timmy a lot, but he should have made both of those free throws, and we should all be celebrating right now.

This is wild. A turnover by Ryland, I missed layup, a block by Carlson. Good grief.


I think this kid could be really good.


I think you’re right.
He’s playing inspired ball

Gotta love a big who can shoot free throws.


Double double for Carlson. Nearly had a triple double with 8 blocks.


Bill Russell

Oops! Looks like Bill actually wasn’t that good a free thrower. I’ll switch to Larry Bird