Huge game Saturday

This is pretty much a must-win to keep South title hopes alive, much like last year. I doubt we can back-in again this year though if we drop this one.

Excited to see the trench battles in this one.

They’ve spanked us 2 years in a row. That stops this weekend.


Despite the scoreboard, ASU fans know last years game was not a spanking. It was tight up until the injuries. I followed this board that day and besides you guys going nuts over the bad luck, your fans handled themselves very well that day as always.
While we like our team and are confident in the chances (mostly because we have your number luckily), we are deep down dreading this game more than any others so far. MSU did not have an offense, Cal lost it’s QB with an awkward scramble landing and Wazzu didn’t have a sustainable defense. Not too many flaws or weaknesses with the Utes. We had a good OL returning until too many injuries piled up in camp. Now the OL has two true freshman starting the OL. The DL like the OL is thin. Backfield is even. ASU has a slight edge receiving with one standout. Utah has the edge with the more experienced QB and LOS players. Additionally with the game in SLC, we know that this is a steep uphill battle for ASU. Good luck guys!


Additionally, you have a great head coach that I’ve always envied.


Welcome Dave!

I’m nervous about this game, mainly because while we’ve looked good, we haven’t really beaten anyone worth a crap yet this year. While I don’t think ASU has the receivers to torch us like USC did, they’re certainly going to be a much more difficult test. Making Daniels uncomfortable will be the key.

I expect that it’ll be closer than the spread would indicate, but that Utah will come out with a win.


Rough start last year. They got a quick TD, then we had a long pass that could have been a tying TD, but the catch was bobbled right on the goal line, and the defender grabbed the ball and ran it back to mid field and they went in for another score.

Then Utah settled down, started getting back into it (not sure if we took the lead but we were close if we didn’t), then injuries happened and things turned back in the Sun Devils favor.


It’s not such a bad thing to not beat any big competition so far as it gives your team more time to tune it up. I have to admit with exception, everyone was expecting a win over SC like you have many times before, but when your best player goes down, it took away a lot of chances. Unless you’re Alabama with endless top recruits, not too many can step up immediately.

No doubt, this will be a battle to likely take on Oregon in the title game, although ASU needs to beat Oregon during regular season. The remaining schedule is definitely in Utah’s favor.

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