How to deal with a Murder Hornet

It will if there is too much water, as Guba pointed out. We have some pint jars that have crystallized, so our quality control in making sure they were all dry enough was probably lacking. Also, if you heat honey above something like 115F (I need to look that up for sure) you change some of the molecular structure so that you’ve basically just made it sugar.

If honey crystalizes heating it will turn it back into honey. I’ve done this before. Also, they have found honey in jars buried with mummies that has still been edible.


That’s what I had heard. In any event, honey is a wonder food.

They had an expert from the U on Bill Riley’s show talking about it. She said Utah is to high of an elevation. They like the coast.

Disappointing it won’t come to Utah. I need my murder hornets. On another note I got a bumblebee stuck in my sunglasses biking once. By some miracle it didn’t sting my eyeball but I am sure whoever observed me swerve around to a stop and then throw my sunglasses to the ground got a good kick out of it.

That’s about as big as I like my insects.

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True. I do it all the time, but it’s best if you do it over a long time at modest temperature. Microwaves are fast, lots of OH- groups to wiggle, but it gets it too hot to not change the honey structure.