How Luther Elliss was 'biggest change' for Utes, and how his life has changed

Luther grew up in Mancos, CO, close to the 4 corners area.

My brother’s friends - a group of 3 brothers - grew up on the Utah side in Monticello, so they played basketball against Luther in HS.

Before one game against Monticello Luther broke the basketball standard, in warmups, ala Shaq. Long bus ride, very short game.

The Monticello brothers held no grudges, and were very happy when Luther came to Utah.

Our assistant Brad Childress says Luther was one of a very small group of players he could tell as a true freshman would play in the league. Childress - aka “Captain Klink”, because he looked like the Hogan’s Heros klink - went on to coach for years in the NFL, himself.

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