How did I not know about Bundy and Utah?

This tweet somehow made me wonder if I knew this and forgot or that it is common knowledge. Like most people don’t know Manson was a river kid in Kentucky and Ohio.

He grew up in the Northwest and graduated from Washington before moving to Utah for law school.

One creepy evil dude.

He was actually first captured in Utah. He had a failed kidnapping and was identified and captured. He then got extradited to Colorado where he escaped and went on the run to Florida.


I’ve been in a weird rabbit hole on notorious people lately. In the Bay Area and Hollywood Hills for the next month so I’ve brushed up on my Zodiac and Manson knowledge. Growing up during the Night Stalker era of Southern California always made me wonder how these cases capture the American news media.

I guess the Bundy in Utah stuff never clicked for me.

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And in true Utah fashion, I’m sure he said it ‘mundy’ in normal situations as well.


Not sure if Ted ever killed any men, just a terribly large number of women.

he also got baptized LDS while he was in Utah. Went to Law School at the U, but didn’t finish

A very intelligent, truly evil psychopathic killer.

You probably didn’t connect him to Utah because his most spectacular and sickening murders came later in his spree, in other places.

Also represented himself in court. Didn’t go well for him.

He lived about two blocks from me and my newlywed bride. May have attended our ward a time or two .

Holy Crap, Homer. Crazy

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I was a Freshman at the U when Bundy was in law school. He used to hang out playing chess with other people at a student hangout called the Huddle (not sure it exists any more). So, I fancied myself as a good chess player, and I challenged him. He crushed me.

Now back then, we didn’t know about creepy dudes, because every guy would check out women in a way that would get you arrested these days. Or sued. Or slapped. Yeah, the mid-70s was all about sex, drugs, and good rock and roll.

Anyway, while I was playing him, he’d hit on every woman who walked by. Now, he was pretty good looking and a law student, so I didn’t think much of it.

A few weeks later, I was sitting with my roommate watching the local news (KSL, does that still exist?), and they have a story about Bundy being arrested. My roommate, who eventually went to Law School at the U, and I both knew him. We were freaked out.

He had a public defender at first who was our neighbor (we lived on 13th south near the campus).

Lots of my friends locally want me to write a book about the experience, but I’ve only gone through one chapter. It’s like 45 years since then, and I’d have to fill in a lot of the story with guesses and such.

Damn, I used to love hanging out at the Huddle. Please tell me it’s still there.

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Here is some creepy nexus for you. I was in law school at the U when Bundy was arrested. I was a year behind him and had only been in law school for about six weeks when he was arrested. I didn’t know him, but I probably saw him between classes and don’t remember if I ever talked with him. My wife would come to the school to pick me up in the evening, waiting for me in the dark in the parking lot with our 2 year old daughter. That thought always creeps both of us out when we think about it.

Now here is the topper. I also went to high school with Dan Lafferty (he was 2 years older) of the Lafferty brothers murders notoriety. One of his brothers was in my class and another was a bit younger (we ran the same event in track together), and both of these brothers and I and my younger brother were on the same little league team. Neither of these two younger brothers were involved except for being part of the same family. It was yet another younger brother’s wife and child that were murdered.


Anyone get a chance to see “The Ted Bundy Tapes” on Netflix? I watched it twice.

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Uh Steggy… do we need to keep an eye on you? Were you taking notes?

Seriously though. My wife is a Psychologist and had some good words about the film.

It was awesome. Grim but well done. I watched the Scientology documentary “Going Clear” twice as well. Good stuff.


Don’t mess with the Scientology. I accidentally drove onto the Gold Base property while visiting family and they were quickly surrounding my car.

The Huddle is long gone, but the Union is a much nicer place to hang out than it was then. Still, I used to appreciate the Huddle’s scuzzy charm.


A lot of folks around here have Bundy stories. He probably had several unattributed Utah victims, but his crimes here aren’t well understood because he wasn’t notorious yet.
I have friends that moved here in the late 70s from California who lived near Spahn ranch. They knew that someone had entered their home a couple of times while they slept without taking much. It wasn’t until the trial and subsequent books that they realized their home had been subject to “creepy-crawling” by the Manson family.


Some of us have Gary Gilmore stories.