Hoops tonight at WSU

8 PM MT time on PAC-12 network. No Bill Walton so it is safe to turn the sound on.

WSU is pretty bad, but so are the Utes. Might be the Utes best chance for a conference road win this season.

I’ll be watching. GO UTES!


This could either be a good game, or a game where it needed to be played down by the border so we could use the bricks to build the wall.

I will hope they get clean looks and drop them in the hoop.

Will try to watch with expectations so low (getting shut out 150-0 for example) they can’t possibly fail to meet them. And no matter how far we get ahead, I’ll keep in mind the game is 40 minutes long. Do like some of what I’m seeing from our young pair of Scandinavians. Afraid most of our team is struggling with consistency.



Damn these guys are fun to watch in the first half! 21-9 at 10 minute mark.

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Going back to UCLA, our first halves have been a work of basketball art.


Really nice pick & rolls. They clearly saw that Carlson could beat Jackson down low and took advantage. Warren is keeping WSU at all close. Do this for 40 minutes and we win by a lot.

Warms my old school heart to see assists on 12 of the 18 field goals in the first half. That’s how the game should be played. Now let’s see them keep this up.

Stop the count!

If you only watched the first half of Utah hoops, you’d live a charmed existence


Dominant performance against a 9-4 conference opponent on the road.


Rebounding pretty well tonight. Carlson is very active.

Edit, as soon as I post this, we give up 2 offensive rebounds.

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Carlson plays great when he’s rested. I’d take him out now and get him some rest before Washington. The more I watch this team the more I realize they were set back in strength and conditioning by the pandemic. I think we’d see a completely different season without the tumultuous preseason and offseason.


Really nice job making sure Bonton didn’t hurt us. I’m not always sure Larry has solid plans, but the staff deserve credit for this one.

Also, we lost Jantunen with a long ways to go and it didn’t hurt us. He had a good game to that point. There is hope.

Nice game, very relaxing to watch. Love the lobs to Carlson.

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Lots of folks absent from the board tonight.

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If they played like this every game Larry might not be in trouble.

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Forgot to watch.


Larry said Jantunen went to the hospital after talking another hit to his face.