Hoops today vs Stanford in the Hunty

That call on Timmy was horrible. A guy dives into him trying to save the ball from going out of bounds and they call a foul on Timmy.

C’mon, guys block out all the time to keep guys from trying to save the ball, and like the announcer just said, you never see that called.

Glad to see the officiating is still on par.

Phew, I thought this was my fault.

Up 11 with under 4 minutes left, hang on Utes

It’s always your fault.


I like Allen, Jones, Carlson, Plummer, Jantunen and Larsen, and they all seem to be solid and smart players with flashes of brilliance. So why is this team not better?

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Hey we’re not gonna lose… we’re not gonna lose!!!


I like them all too…as #2, #3, or #4 options. None of them are all-conference type, complete game stars. Every one has holes in their game.

Also, we are now 2-4 in conference play with very close losses to three of the best teams in the conference. We aren’t good, but we aren’t bad either.

In the Eurobattle today, Finland beat the snot out of Germany.

Looks like we are going to hold on.

Should we start talking contract extension for Larry?


They even made them sign a treaty at Versailles.


It’s actually quite sad that with a 10 point lead, five minutes to go, many of us were still worried.

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Amazing how different the game is when you make 83% of your free throws and out rebound the opposition by 11 as opposed to against CU where you go 2 for 11 and get out rebounded by 18.



Is Pelle pronounced like:


My best way to describe it is right between “Pell-ay” and “Pell-eh”… but it’s true that the “P” often sounds like a “B” in Scandi tongues. BTW it is one of the seemingly endless Nordic derivatives of Peter (think Pete).

God only knows what Big Rick would’ve called the kid.


He would have probably called him a smart Norwegian.

Note: Knute Rockne was once called a dumb Swede. His response was the only thing dumber than a dumb Swede was a smart Norwegian. Rockne was Norwegian.

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We went from 112 to 79 in the NET (ie, the rankings that matter) with the win.

Our next few opponents (and net rankings):
Cal (215)
Washington St. (121)
Washington (251) - WOOF!
Colorado (9)
Arizona (31)
Arizona St. (106)

In theory 4 wins and 2 losses coming up. Maybe we can pull some upsets in CO and AZ and not screw up some games that should be very winnable.

Looks like all 5 of our losses are to current top 40 teams. Gosh, if we can win the ones we are supposed to, and steal a couple…who knows.

But before I Get carried away (again), first things first, we haven’t won a conference road game in a longggggg time. the washington swing is as good an opportunity as we will get. We gotta get over the hump there and get it done.