Hoops today vs Stanford in the Hunty

3PM MT on ESPN2. Stanford has a gaudy 4-1 conference record, but aside from Arizona their wins are vs bottom feeders.

They are big. They rebound well and will push the ball inside as much as possible. They shoot poorly from outside.

I’ll be watching. GO UTES!

Good news…we are not up 10 at the half.


So now we’ll lose by 6?

Only caught the last 8 min of the half. Some good things, but once again we come out of a TO with short time left and no semblance of a play. Having Allen dribble around in a double team 25 ft from the basket isn’t a viable plan.

It might work one of these times. I actually tuned in to see the same thing… and wondered what the actual plan was.

That stings, man.

I always wonder what on earth they are trying to do during the final seconds of a half or a game.

They are making it easy for me to stick to my vow to never watch another Larry K game by tipping off at 3 pm. What the ■■■■ kind of scheduling is that?!?!?!?

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we’ve added to our 2nd half lead so far


The crowd has really been thinned out for sure. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And here’s the normal offense pause.

Yay! Switched back on the game, so I think it is my fault. Also, 3 defensive series with Rylan Jones camping down in the post… and gets his 4th foul because of the mismatch? I didn’t see any switching that sent him down there. Bizarre.

Stop the count

Do you think Eddie Vedder ever hangs out with Jerod Haase??

I don’t.

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Never gets old.

I’m going to go ahead and predict a loss so I won’t be disappointed later.

Now that’s how I know you are a Ute fan.


Did Timmy Allen really get called for a foul for blocking out on a ball going out of bounds? That’s a new one.

I want to apologize in advance. I finally tuned in on the TV with five minutes to go, saw that we were ahead by 13 or so, and I think we’re already in the single digits.

Trust in Larry