Hoops Game Day vs ASU. Final regular season game

Utes home vs ASU at noon Mountain time. Game is on FS1. This game will decide the PAC-12 tournament seeding for both teams.

I’ll be watching. GO UTES!

Do we get blown out or blow a halftime lead?

I really want to win this one because I can’t stand Whiney Hurley

…so whichever way we blow?

Exactly, and since ASU is having a bit of a down year, and we’re at home, it seems reasonable that we’re favored, but only by a few.

I’d like for this team to at least win one more, either today or next week.

How sad are those expectations?




Stop the count.


AhOh we’re ahead.

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Feels pretty great to be the best sub .500 team in the NCAA, I have to admit. :wink:

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Whiney Hurley can eat my shorts.

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WTF is going on with the T on Timmy?

Edit to add: I don’t remember those refs names, but I remember that they are douchebags.

So we finish 7th in the conference? A handful of chokejobs away from being much higher.

How bad is it that I’m wondering if we can hold on to a 33 point lead with 10 minutes to go.


Riley on the radio said people on the ASU bench–possibly Hurley or one of his assistants–were riding Timmy and it looked like Timmy reacted. Said LK or Connor are probably unhappy about that.

I just tuned in while running errands and heard what a blowout it is–for us! 35 points. I’m so happy to see Hurley get his head handed to him this way.


I don’t want to jinx us, as the game is not over yet, but it looks like we’ll cover he spread :slight_smile:

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That was great. Everyone having fun, smiles, Lahat with a 3. Let’s go get some wins in Vegas.

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I was right it was a blowout wrong about who would do the blowing. Go utes.


ASU certainly did blow. Especially their coach.

Have I said that I’m not fond of him?