Hoops doing covid testing today

Must be clean, or Friday’s opener will be cancelled.

I can’t disagree with this, even Rick Pitino thinks its foolish to start the season

Larry has tested positive, and friday’s game is cancelled. Season set to start Dec 3 with Washington. The team had a workout this morning with all but 1 player. All of this is per the larry k show on 700.


Also, apparently at least 8 positives among the players. Also, women’s team has shut down for the moment also.

Just shut it all down before we create a class action in 2022.


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Our first opponent, UW, lost to #2 Baylor by 30+ today.

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UW lost UC Riverside today by 15

but that means nothing considered we just got swept by COVID St

Seems every player will be available for the game.


9 of 15 players…and the HC…WOW!

Gotta say, even though I have low expectations for today’s game and for the season in general, I’m pretty excited for opening day! Go Utes!


Agreed. Love Bball.

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couple of thoughts:

our players should be accustomed to playing in a nearly empty Huntsman Center :confused: hopefully the pandemic will wake Utah fans up at the limited opportunities to watch them play live

the Huskies finished last in the conference last year, and they look appreciatively worse so far this year. that’s a good game to start with

is there any concern with players wind, considering 3/4 of the team had COVID just recently?

I’m also excited for Krysko’s gathering of misfits toys. We have several nice returning players and some new talent that I’m excited to watch

I think so, yes. Larry said they’d need a large rotation in the first games because everyone is out of shape due to the disease.

It’s also our first game, while UW has played twice. So I have those concerns in addition to the normal, “we weren’t very good last season, and we are mostly the same now” concerns.

Team tests came up clean this morning. Today’s game vs UW is ON!


Two games in…we have a solid starting lineup and a strong 6th man. Add Battin, and you have the 7 guys averaging double digits in minutes.

Allen leads in minutes.

Larsson and Jones both are getting 5 apg.

Battin is outrebounding Carlson so far, which is not good.

Jones and Plummer with 2.5 over the two games.

All 7 of the regulars have taken 3 point shots. It seems they all have a green light if open. Plummer, of course, has taken more than everyone else by a wide margin.

Timmy Allen has our most FTA, which is how it should be. Larsson is 2nd, and he’s made 7 of 8.

With Yoeli Childs gone, I don’t think I can name any BYU players.

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I watched a lot of their game against Boise. I have watched a few others too. Former Ute signee Caleb Lohner gets a lot of time. Boise went right at him quite a bit in the stretch run, including the game-winning 3 where he got sucked down too low in help d. Their point guard (former AZ Wildcat Barcello) and their center (Purdue transfer Matt Haarms) are pretty good players. Otherwise, their success depends entirely on how many 3’s are falling.

Well, that’s modern basketball.

My brother watched yesterday and said that BYU has a lot of bulk. We don’t have any bulk (other than Thione, who has not looked good yet), and I wonder if Carlson will get in foul trouble. That would be bad.

Yes and no. Even as 3 point attempts have gone way up, you still have to have guys who can get good looks for themselves and others. Outside of Barcello and Averrete to an extent, BYU is lacking in that department.

Fully agreed on your second point. That is going to be a big storyline.

Rebounding issues: Carlson tries to block every shot–& often succeeds, but if not he is out of position to rebound. Jones & Plummer together is a small backcourt which will not get many rebounds. Leaves it to Jantunen and especially Timmy. And Timmy is not a great rebounder & he also often leaks out to run. They rebound better with Larsson, but give up Plummer shooting.