Honda/Acura repair

I have an old 2004 Acura that I need to have some repairs on but don’t want to take it to the dealer because they always gouge you. This car was a daily driver for me for a lotta years and has been sitting mostly in the garage for the past few years. It has developed some transmission problems and I want to see if it is worth getting repaired - I’m thinking my daughter can use it when she turns 16. Given the cost of used cars these days it probably is.

Does anyone have a recommendation on a mechanic that works on Hondas or Acuras who they trust? I suspect that we have a bad solenoid on the transmission is all (and the error codes indicate as much) and don’t want to be taken to the cleaners if it is just that.


a few mechanics I like, and they work on all makes/models. Plowgian on highland drive, but sometimes it can be up to a four week wait for them. Aposhian on 33rd south has done good work for us as well. Really like them because they’ll work hard with our warranty company. The easy stuff we go to Foothill Tire. The long time mechanic there is the new owner. If he can’t do it (eg cracked cylinder head) he’ll send you to Aposhian, and nobody but Aposhian. Best of luck………

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My wife just took her 2003 Frontier to Scotty’s Automotive on 300 W and Vine based in n the recommendation of a neighbor. It had an annoying clunk that happened when it was first driven and wouldn’t repeat. With our few clues he diagnosed it as a bad bolt in the left rear brake assembly and fixed it l. Total bill: $74. Any big boys would have charged that to figure it out alone.

We were impressed.


We take our cars to MasterTech on State St just off of 1700S. Dennis and his sons do great work on all kinds of cars. We’ve been going there since we moved here in 2006. They are very knowledgeable and fair. The only issue is they are usually quite busy so getting in can be a challenge if you need work done fast.

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