Home repair thread

I’m putting lights in my living room. Why did they not put lights in the largest room in my house?

Anyway, I cut 6 holes in my ceiling - nice and evenly spaced. I’ve got wire through each hole now. I cut the 7th hole and found a copper pipe (for radiant heat) in the way.

I can:

  1. Push the pipe aside and brace it to the joist. The recessed light can will fit, but just barely. I think the can will be about 1/2 inch away from the pipe, but they won’t be touching. I think I’m not supposed to allow copper to butt up against other metals…something about corrosion. Water pipes move around a bit when water flows through them, though.

  2. Cut a new hole in bewteen two other joists. That means I won’t have evenly spaced lights in my ceiling.

What should I do, Ute fans?

I put 18 of these in my living room to avoid problems like yours. Seems like a great product. Highly recommend

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Thanks, I’ll take a look. I wonder if I can match the other LEDs I’ve already bought.

I believe, but not positive, there are other similar products that allow you to change the spectrum of the light

The biggest downside is you have to order them in, HD doesn’t carry in store

This is really getting my hopes up. Thank you! I can wait on delivery…I’ve gone eight years in this house with no light in that room.

I wonder how this works. Aren’t the cans there to protect the surroundings from the heat?

LED’s don’t put off very much heat. The ones I put in are IC rated, meaning they can come in direct contact with insulation

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Thanks again, bird man. My goal was to do this project without any ceiling drywall patches…the dream is alive thanks to you!

Funny thing is that I’m a drywaller by trade and didn’t want to do any patching. The best part about them is that you can layout any which way you desire

I admire your skill and patience. It was a major victory for me when I realized I could get power to my lights through a closet instead of in the living room wall/ceiling. My awful patches are just fine in the closet!

Mission accomplished!

So, I just noticed that my hot water heater was installed in 2002. I feel like I should replace it. Is that right?

Does anyone here have a tankless water heater? What do you think about it? I’m reading that it will save me money in the long term (lasts longer and uses less gas). I also have have 5 kids, and I think we will go through a lot of water for showers when they are old enough to shower daily. Will an tankless give everyone hot water?

If it’s not leaking or creating some problem otherwise, I wouldn’t replace it. When you replace it, you’ll probably end up with a more efficient option, but regardless, you’ll certainly get the opportunity soon enough, as they don’t last forever. There are too many organizations that try to convince people to replace otherwise working appliances before there is a need.

When you do replace it, if you consider a tankless, be sure to have it sized for your plumbing, number of appliances and family size. If you don’t you’ll likely find yourself juggling hot water usage between competing consumers in ways you were never required before.

And as for teenage kids, it is my experience, that a 40 gallon water heater nicely enforces the max duration of showers, which YOU will be doing with a tankless.


All this ^^^^. Some retrofitting will be required. Not in our current house but in a previous house we ended up needing two units. It all worked fine though.

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