HIV vaccine phase1 trials

Interesting, hope it works.

mRNA technology is going to be a big asset to many vaccines. Another one they are looking at is for Malaria which kills over 1 million people, mostly children under 5 (90% occurs is sub-saharan Africa). It can make several vaccines faster to develop (have to map the genome which is pretty quick now) and with AI, can come up with a few candidates pretty quickly.

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Sounds pretty successful so far.

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This is a sidebar thought but, at what point does all this life saving medicine cause portions of our society to re-evaluate their stance on birth control?
If we have an effective vaccine for A.I.D.S. are less condoms going to be used?
I’m all for saving people but damn, quit making so many to save.

I think not enough condoms are used now. If we are talking about low-income countries and/or Africa, it’s usually birth control for women (shot preferred over pill because it’s easier to conceal/hide from the man). And better education & health care, especially for women, has been shown to create more opportunities and lower birth rates.

I see your point that saving the lives of millions of kids will contribute to increased populations (just as infant mortality, etc. does), but hopefully it’s a mix of several things for healthier, productive global citizens.

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