Hissy fit

When I was watching the game live, and Huntley threw his first interception of the season, I was initially irritated by his reaction. I thought it came off as a bit childish, and I worried that it was going to affect his confidence. Now, I’m thinking it’s just the opposite.

He may have overreacted, but I think that was due to him being so disappointed in himself for making a mistake that he KNOWS he doesn’t make. If I had to guess, I’d say he forced himself back into the game to prove to himself and everybody watching that he’s not that guy who tossed that pick. That sort of confidence in one’s talent, and ability to handle any situation is rare, even at this level.

The college ranks are saturated with players who constantly talk trash, and bang on their chests every time they make a routine play, but take a look at those same guys when they give up a big gain or fumble the ball away. Often times, their expressions when they screw up tell a whole different story. Huntley is different, and a special player who’s severely underrated by national pundits. Man, I wish we had him for just one more year.

Hear hear. That’s the way I read it too. Kicking himself for missing the guy, all while unable to run on his sore knee.