Hey Lurkers, sign up, it is free!

One of the more fascinating things to me about the change of UFN is our traffic continues to go up pretty dramatically, but our new users do not. So if you are a lurker thinking about signing up, please do - it is free!

We won’t sell your email address to anyone, we’ll keep your information encrypted and confidential, but it also opens up a lot of other tools that will make this site more enjoyable and useful for you. You’ll be able to set up email and browser alerts for subjects you care about, you’ll be able to turn on and off categories you are or are not interested in, you can bookmark favorite posts, board mail other fans and most of all contribute. Also, please note that creating an account doesn’t open up non-sports related categories you may be wanting to avoid like politics and religion.

We moderate this site, and it also has a lot of self-moderation tools that make this place enjoyable to be. I think most will agree the tone here is welcoming to all fans these days.

The more people we have sharing thoughts and opinions the better community we have.

NEVER! You can’t make me!

One of the better aspects is the civility of this version of UF.N. I like that we can disagree, but the mud slinging seems much less than before. It also helps that the politics and religion are behind a wall.

The trolls that have shown up have generally been good natured.

This has been a very well built community.


True. In fact if @LAUte wasn’t such an insufferable jerk, rude and unkind to everyone he meets, we’d have a perfect community here.


Clam up, you warthog-faced buffoon.


Lurking is a thing???

They won’t even let me talk sh!t about Unitarians.

Note: this ban only applies to New Bomb.

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