Hey, look there another reason to dislike Michigan State athletics

There is a ton to unpack here. I really doubt that we have anywhere close to all of the information.

On the surface it really looks like the MSU coaching staff has zero control over the program. Add this altercation in UM, with MSU players (allegedly) assaulting UM players (at least 2 per reports) post game, with the sexual assaults happening with a gymnastics coach several years ago, MSU has a real image problem of control.

That leads me to a question about the ethics of BIG schools. We have PSU covering up Jerry Sandusky, MSU covering up or failing to do anything with the gymnastics coach Larry Nassar. Does the BIG really care about student athletes? Those 2 scandals were horrible, yet I don’t recall the BIG doing anything to sanction PSU or MSU. Will the BIG conference do anything now? Will MSU do anything?

The B1G has a ton of ethics challenges. That said, I am sure one can peruse the rest of the P5 and find a laundry list of ethical problems, usually based on greed and the almighty dollar.

For a Corporate parallel, it like when Colgate got busted selling toothpaste without fluoride in it to the third world; or when Nestlé got busted for selling chocolate to the third world laced with depo provera (a birth control product).

What happened, if true, should bring suspensions for the players involved; and fines for the coaches for not maintaining control of their players…all the coaches.

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Oh I bet there are plenty of issues across CFB, ethical and otherwise.

I could throw Union Carbide and the leak in India back in the '80s I think it was.

I guess what makes the PSU and MSU issues, and the BIG is just how they were hidden for so long (aside from the altercation at UM), then as quickly as possible swept under the rug by both schools and ignored by the BIG offices.

I know that there are plenty of corporate parallels, there are also plenty of govt parallels, not to mention religious (take your pick of denomination).

I suppose much of it, is that MSU is fresh in my mind. It didn’t take long to remember Larry Nassar, then make the jump over to PSU and Jerry Sandusky.

Regardless of all the other swirling foulness, if the fight happened you suspend the players (all involved) for the next 4 games; and you fine the coaches (all the coaches on both teams) for not keeping the peace in the portal.


I was on r/cfb, there is speculation that MSU could use this as a way to fire Tucker for cause. Essentially the lack of control. Whether that is true, or if it would even be successful is open to debate.

I did see that Tucker has suspended, last I saw, 4 players for this incident. Regardless, it is a very bad look for MSU to have this type of bad PR.

The high school I went to had a saying, “We lose on the field, but beat them in the parking lot”.

That has no place in high school or at any level.

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Rick Neuheisel talked about Michigan’s infamous tunnel on one of his programs recently and some of the problems teams have encountered over the years.

Said Husky stadium had the same problem and had to have a bunch of extra security measures to avoid team fights. The 2013 renovation doubled the size of the tunnel and has helped. Also mentioned something about a secret visitors tunnel — had to turn off the program at that point but would be interested in hearing about that.

So you went to Carbon HS?

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Don’t forget about the sex abuse scandal of the football program that also occurred during the Nassar time period. Also, Tom Izzo has walked the line of player abuse for a while, including that one time he hit a player on national TV.

Damn, I did forget about those.

Sounds like MSU has little oversight of their athletics. Guess the administration doesn’t mind bad press all that much.

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