Help me out with a chat alternative

Our chat has become buggy, and it is a plugin. After doing some reviews someone suggested just using a topic thread as a designated chat because it updates automatically. I don’t hang around enough to really watch how this happens, but though I’d test it out to see if it really would work. So, feel free to air your grievances about me below while I observe whether we could just create a new topic for a game as chat and contain all the fun there… I hope you bring me to deeply hurt feelings ala the Michael Scott Company Roast. Please reply below to help me out.

I thought you said this site could link up with a Discord server. Is that right? If so, Discord is the easiest way to chat online. That’s why all the kids use it.

I made a Utah Discord a long time ago, but I’m not popular enough to populate it. Check it out to see what you think about it as a chat location:

You can create your own easily if you like the format, and if there is a way to connect it to this.

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My problem with Rocker is that he is so doggoned balanced in all his opinions. (Except when he disagrees with me. Then he is simply wrong, and all the more irritating.)

@LAUte I agree with everything you’ve said except this.

Let me dig into this - I favored the previous chat plugin because it didn’t require another login (which may be the case with Discord too, I’ll need to educate myself on this better).

Sure, check it out. You can easily set up a server or just take mine over. Check out the app too. It’s as smooth and easy as you could imagine for mobile.