Hawaii Tips for first timer

Good points. I have heard nothing but good things about the PH memorial, and would love to go. One of my friends grew up on the big island and says they think it’s “the best” island with a ton of things to do and see.
I just haven’t had the opportunity to go there.

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We just went last June. Loved it!
Download the Gypsy Guide app. I think it’s $10. You turn it on every time you get in the car (works by GPS) and it narrates a guide anywhere on the island. Very cool.
Take a jacket and long pants to Haleakalā. It can be cold (and windy). And drive slow and careful on the ride back down! (a car flipped right in front of us when it lost it’s brakes).
Do Road to Hana on a weekday. Weekends are overrun by the locals.
Look for Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice. Phenomenal.
‘Iao Valley State Park is pretty cool and quick. Only 15 min from the airport. 2nd highest rainfall in the world.
Maui Sunset :slight_smile:


Went to Maui 2 weeks ago. I highly recommend Star Noodle in Lahaina. It’s superb and my favorite restaurant EVER! You must have reservations well in advance so get them now if you can. They also do takeout too. I’d highly recommend you get your Pre check vaccine clearance from whatever airline you’re using. Once you’re Pre checked they’ll give you a bracelet that allows you to skip the slow process of the regular CLEAR app that takes about an hour to get checked every time an airplane lands.


I’ve been to Hawaii over a dozen times, visiting two different islands each trip. I have only visited Oahu once. I prefer the more laid back vibe and lesser crowds of the other islands.

But if you go to Oahu, Pearl Harbor, the Polynesian Cultural Center, and the North Shore are must visits. We didn’t do Haunama Bay, it gets very crowded. We did a day at Turtle Bay and Waimea Bay. The waves were big at Waimea, the lifeguards were on high alert and giving warnings. I got in to dive through the waves for a half hour or so. Just down the road, Turtle Bay was calm enough to snorkel.

I should also mention that my absolute favorite thing in Hawaii on any island is getting up before sunrise and going for a run or walk. Pre-dawn and dawn in Hawaii is magical. And it’s easy due to the time changes.

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We love Maui and have been there frequently over the past 20 years. We have also visited the Big Island, Kauai and Oahu. My advice is just get out and explore. Rent yourselves some snorkel gear, pack some hiking shoes and some water shoes, something to drink and eat and hit the road. You will find jewels everywhere you go. Stop an buy fresh fruit at the little stands, buy plate lunches on the roadside. Snorkel at Mile marker 14 on the way to Lahaina on Maui. Go to Hana and hike through the bamboo forest to the beautiful waterfall opposite the 7 pools.