Hats off to Teachers in the Pandemic

I’m sitting in my home office right now with my 5th grade daughter listening to the second day of online school. Of course school got delayed by two weeks as SL School District tried to figure things out for strictly online school. Then last week school didn’t start because of the windstorm and 5 day power outages.

But imagine wrangling 26 ten-year-olds via Zoom, and all of their individual tech problems, and wanting to be heard, and wanting to discover and be silly, etc. The patience of Job matched with the compensation of Wal-mart. After an hour of this I sent her teacher an Amazon Gift card - I might have to do this every day.

Got a notification on my Next Door app this morning. Turns out it basically was someone complaining about a bunch of kids, elementary to HS ages , skateboarding, riding bikes, visiting, just hanging out together in the neighborhood …without masks and probably half of the two dozen not social distancing. This set of a shiz storm of comments ranging from shame on parents to these kids are low risk and need some balance in their lives .

Just got me to thinking about the extraordinary circumstances that we’re all navigating, and how we’re trying to get through it all.

So just wanted to tip my hat not only to teachers, but to these kids, many of which are struggling with depression, anxiety and overall mental health, and to parents who have lost their job, facing financial struggles, to health care professionals working double time and a half, to LEOs doing an impossible job in an impossible environment and to pretty much everyone doing their best to survive this craziness.

One day this will pass. Hang in there.

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