Has anyone placed an order for Rose Bowl tickets through the U yet?

Based on donor level I’m able to order my tickets tomorrow. I’m wondering what the exact process is so I am ready - do I simply just click on the link in the email (which takes me to my utahtickets.com account), then manage account, then the buy tickets icon? Or do I log in directly to ticketmaster, which the email seems to imply?

Also, if anyone is able to view the individual sections are there quite a few tickets left? I need a group of 8 together and would love to get chair seats and not bleachers - just hoping there is a group of 8 seats still available.


Wondering the same - although I to wait until Friday for my giving level to allow me to purchase.

Anyone who has experience with the process, and possibly any feedback regarding quality of remaining tickets, feedback would be greatly appreciated.


The email from the U contains a large button. That will take you to a page that is dedicated to Rose Bowl tickets. Just keep clicking. It’s pretty user friendly. It will show you a map of the Rose Bowl that tells you where seats are still available and you can click around until you find the ones you want. At least that’s the way it was for me The day I tried to do it the system was down for a while, but everything worked out. I don’t think that same problem exists now.


My experience was the same. It’ll populate available seats but if I were you I’d make sure I looked for maybe 2 separate blocks of 4 seats instead 8 contiguous seats. It’ll populate more 4 seat combos than 8 seat combos.


Thanks Gentlemen!