Hard-hitting LA Times criticisms of USC’s Helton decision

I haven’t talked to a single USC fan who’s happy about Helton staying on.

Here’s a Times writer giving some historical background:

And here Bill Plaschke is just brutal:

U$C has bigger fish to fry right now due to scandals and university-level management challenges.

Another year of average performance in football is not as much a problem as the local hype train of fish hacks are making it out to be. The truth is, given the young players who got baptized by fire this season, they are going to be better next season. It is likely they will contend again for the South title.

Watching them all swing from a shower rod the way they are is cute, and shows they are completely delusional about who they are and where they are now.

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Yep. Spot-on.

People complaining about going 8-4. smh…


In the military, when you assume command of a new unit you don’t immediately start changing personnel. You establish your standards and over time see who can’t measure up. Then you get rid of those who can’t come up to snuff.


Since Pete Carroll Left SC they average 8.5 wins a season. Down 2 wins a year from Pete Carroll’s era. What happened in the past decade to cause 20 loss drop?

Also, how was Clay retained last season? They missed a Bowl game for the first time since Paul Hackett. Has the SC Brand become middle of the road? Are they now Notre Dame, BYU, and Michigan living on their past victories.

The simple answer is that upper management was in disarray.

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Pay wall.

Plaschke is LA’s version of Monson.