Happy Pacmas 10 years ago today

And what did we learn over the last decade???

I was going to say top 5, but I don’t know all the big events.

  • Founding
  • Medical School
  • Law School
  • AAU (recent)
  • PAC
  • Mario Capecchi’s Nobel - one of a number of high level health sciences wins.

I was a slacker in high school, but got in based on test scores. I definitely couldn’t get in today with that (lack of a) track record.

Here’s a good question: which has benefitted more from PACmas - Athletics or Academics? I can make a strong case it’s the latter, even though it’s an interrelated answer.

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It seems like the benefits are almost impossible to calculate going forward. Similar to creating a National Park in a rural part of a state, the long term benefits are so enormous, it’s hard to comprehend. I don’t want that to sound hyperbolic, but in the coming decades the benefits of being in the PAC for the U is hard to imagine.

Well put. 11 years is too short a sample size.

It definitely put us on the map… more so that we were before.

Whitt has really held up Athletics, along with Gymnastics and closing the gap in other sports.

Just a completely different world. Drive around campus. Way different than 2010, completely different than 2000.

An old friend of mine put it best…

Having the PAC alums in the loge boxes cutting deals with Utah Alums, during any given (non COVID) season has made more for the school than all the time we spent in the WAC/MWC ever did.

I’ll cop out and say the two must be seen as parallel and inseparable.

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