Happy New Year!

Plenty of reason to think '21 will be an improvement, though not immediately.

We have Pfizer & Moderna, the AstraZeneca vaccine was approved in the UK, Johnson & Johnson expected to be approved in January. GlaxoSmithKline is the largest manufacturer of vaccines in the world. Their candidate is in clinical trials. We should have 4 vaccines before end of February.

There’s reason to hope the national political dialog will settle down a little.

With the vaccines there’s reason to think the economy will pick up, our new normal in Summer '21 should be more familiar

Best New Year’s Joke:

“Time zones are funny things. In the US it’s still 2020, but in Australia it’s already 2021. BYU fans are in 1984.”

Perhaps the best thing I’ve learned much more clearly in 2020 is that life is what you make of it and that while we hate it, we humans are a pretty adaptable species if we want to be.

I’ve been pretty proud of my kids who have learned to roll with the punches much better than they were before. I think this is an aspect of life in the past that we are missing. Instant gratification is a pretty toxic thing along with always getting what we want. It has been kind of refreshing to watch my kids go from pouting when you’d say something like, “Sorry, that’s closed…” or “Sorry, they just don’t have that, you’re going to have to wait…” to just shrugging it off and moving on. I’ve learned to do the same.

I think we’re going to have a rough patch here January and February and then as spring emerges and the vaccine gets rolling I hope we can see a better year. I hope I remember the lessons I’ve learned too.


Happy New year to everyone!
Utefans is a remarkable respite from some of the tensions and drama in our topsy-turvy world. It’s a pleasure to be a regular and I hope to contribute to everyone’s well-being. There are a lot of great folks on this site.
That said, I think the next couple of months is going to be brutal. I think the numbers are starting to really penetrate large areas of society and so, even with a vaccine roll out, I’m concerned that we might even see a doubling of mortality. Would love to be wrong…
Anyway, be strong!


Happy New Year Utefans friends!

Ok I am posting early because I am old and will be asleep when the New Year rings in here.

Hoping 2021 will bring us a whole lotta bettah.