Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day weekend! I just saw that they’ll be doing F35 flyovers around the SL Valley shortly. Hope every has a great weekend that’s wildfire free.

Or another spin on it…


There’s a guy in our neighborhood who wears that on a t-shirt every year at our Jul4 breakfast. He gets lots of laughs every time.

@UtahFanSir, I think you and others here will appreciate this short piece.

Same to all. after grilling, with the 16 cents left in my pocket I’ll probably empty 5 ounces of gas in my tank.

Thank you…yes, I agree with the ideas here. A number of years ago I read a book Unruly Americans and the Origins of the Constitution which dealt with this notion in considerable detail. Presently, I am reading American Republics: A Continental History of the United States, 1783-1850 that also deals with similar attributes of Americans. Another book that highlights our divides as it were is Adams vs. Jefferson: The Tumultuous Election of 1800, an eye-opening terrific read.

I do recognize that we Americans have a view and frequently do not agree. The pendulum on ideas swings back and forth over time but we remain a contentious people, on the move, wanting more, never satisfied, focused on ourselves primarily, and material wealth, family, our state. And the period we live in now, may no more be the Age of Unreason than as it was in several other earlier times.

Happy 4th you disloyal lot, may we enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Happy 4th to all!

Our nation’s history and narrative are indeed very interesting, especially through different lenses. I recently saw a posting from a native, indigenous American who wrote something to the effect of “Happy Massacre Day”.

When I think about the history of mankind, collectively speaking, I see a lot of “men” and not much “kindness” – ego, greed, vileness, etc., seem to have the reign. That said, thanks to a few good men and women, their courage, bravery, and goodness have pushed us forward and onward.

Here’s to the the courageous, brave, and good – I salute to those in the past, present, and future. Happy 4th to this country.

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Our nation has had a tumultuous history, just like every other nation. I think it’s important to remember some undeniable positive truths from our history. One is that the men who voted for and signed the Declaration risked everything for it. That deserves acknowledgement. Another is what Hannah Cox says:

“When we said, ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,’ the reality is that this principle had been self-evident to practically no one throughout thousands of years of history. When we said that all men are ‘endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,’ it got people’s attention, and suddenly others began to agree. When we said humans are entitled to ‘Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness,’ it became a violation to impede such things. But make no mistake. These notions were not mainstream when our founders threw down the gauntlet with the Declaration of Independence.”

America is founded on noble ideas reflecting high, revolutionary aspirations. Inevitably we have failed frequently–sometimes shamefully–as a nation to live up to those. But what we try to be is something truly special and worth living and dying for–both of which a great many American men and women have done.

And that is why we celebrate together the founding of a truly enlightened nation, the 4th of July, built imperfectly at first but moving over the arc of history toward those lofty ideals and a more perfect union. May it always be so.

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The nation was born out of a period of great challenge, the hideous compromise that allowed the Constitution to be written after 13 years of hard lessons reveals the paradox of America’s greatness, with imbedded challenges to be addressed.

The Founders displayed great foresight in creating a governmental structure that has lasted - most recently tested this year! - has withstood many challenges, the franchise expanded, the arc of progress has been undeniable.

They left us with a great and revolutionary model…but just as they worked through human emotions of suspicion, arrogance and ambition, each generation has wrestled with new challenges, threats, opportunities.

That seems to be the tacit bargain we get. The freedoms we enjoy come with strings attached - how to nurture the experiment along, striving to prosper and grow together, how to be strong enough to include groups originally excluded, to admit room for growth and evolution in the original model.

A current challenge is how to see divergent views and experiences of those groups whose experience has been so different than our main cultural narrative.

We’ve expanded “America” before, adapted strongly held ideas about exclusivity and social status. It’s an ongoing work. But a nation like ours doesn’t last 245 years without being adaptive.

Happy Independence from England Day. Let’s keep this thing going!

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