Green is gone

TJ Green had a big part in preserving our streak against BYU in 2018. I’m not all that thrilled about letting him go in favor of a true freshman, I’d prefer the true freshmen earn their stripes, but I’m old school.

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Next man up!

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He has his degree. I wish him well.


He always had a good attitude despite not playing as much as I felt he should have. He should be able to find a starting role at a P5 program with less awesome running backs.


Thank you TJ for your time here. Best wishes on your future endeavors, wherever they take you.

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Last year at the USC game we parked west of the coliseum, right by TJ Green’s very large family having a pre-game party.

Great people.

I wish nothing but the best for TJ Green, with a salute for getting his degree first.