Great year for Ute NFL rookies

Zack Moss has really come to life after returning from injury. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure his game would transition to this modern NFL where speed is valued over brute strength, and where it’s just not so easy to bowl over guys, but he looks just like he did in college. The biggest impact rookie so far though is Julian Blackmon, without a doubt. There are serious discussions about him winning defensive rookie of the year. That’s cool enough, but don’t count Jaylon Johnson out:

We saw Moss from a young age. He didn’t get to hide as a FR and SO while he developed. So, when a lot of us think about Moss, we remember him slower as a young back.

He ran a 4.52 40 which isn’t blazing but it’s not slow at all. 4.49 is the average RB 40 time. He’s a blink slower than average.

I’m super excited for him. He needs to get to Seattle.


This is great stuff for the staff to use in recruiting DBs.


Terrell Burgess was having a fantastic season too before his injury. Hopefully he can come back stronger like Blackmon did.


Everytime I read about how great Blackmon, Johnson, and Burgess are doing, I ask “why couldnt we cover USC’s receivers?” I think it was a scheming problem, with the blame to go to the coaches, but still.

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Blackmon was playing injured against usc.

Right. I forgot. Plus Tyreke Evans got abused and eventually was replaced by Josh Nurse (or the other way around; I cant remember that specifically either).

That game was really bad for my Utah fan PTSD.