Great Hikes around St George

We frequent St George quite a bit and have done a lot of the popular and well-known hikes in the area. I’m looking for a good 3-4 mile hike (round trip) to take my kids that is maybe lesser known but worth it. Any suggestions?

I don’t know how well or lesser known these are now but from the time I spent there, here are a few that come to mind,

Owens Loop is on the Red Hill right on the north side of St. George. Depending on the age of your kids, it might be a little challenging in a couple of spots but all-in-all, not too bad.

The Kiln in Oak Grove is a very short, maybe half-mile hike that younger kids love. Oak Grove is about half an hour out of town. Check road conditions before you go.

The Cinder Cone Trail is pretty easy and a couple of miles round trip. It’s up the side of a dormant volcano so there can be some scrambling. If there’s a chance of rain, pass on it. The lava rock gets really slick when it’s wet.

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I can’t speak for that area, but you should check out the All Trails app. I love it and use it all the time. You can use it to explore new areas and find new trails.

Turtle Wall is a pretty good one. Probably 3-4 miles, and pretty easy.

Snow Canyon St. Park has a number of great hikes. Jenny’s canyon and the lava tubes are worth the walk

The sand stone quarry hike is in town and a good hike for little kids:

The Water Canyon Trail in Hildale, Utah.

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