Great. Another quake

Same place as the last one.

My neighbor was putting all the mobile homes back in place out in Magna. I wonder how they fared?

More damage on Main Street. The trailer park getting tossed around is in WVC. I hope WVC is making them secure those to the pads this time. In honor of my trifecta (COVID 19, quake, water issues) I give you this…

I am living “ground zero” to these.


It’s very cool something 6-8 miles deep can cause so much energy.
But Magna is getting the brunt. Certainly hope no one is hurt or killed.
Covid ups the stakes all that much more.
Hang in there!


Here’s another link which I hope is usefull

Earthquakes | Providing the Latest in Emergency Preparedness and Earthquake Updates

Interesting who felt this one and who didn’t. One of my brothers and I both live in Sugarhouse, he felt it and I felt nothing. Another brother over by East High didn’t feel it and another in Holladay did.

Hang in there Greg, I think you’ve got 3 of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse down in Magna.


always knew Magna would be the center of something.

Just didn’t know it was Jesus coming back. : )

I think this is proof that Magna shouldnt have gotten rid of the taco time for a holiday gas station.


I’m in South Jordan. Was playing video games sitting in my recliner in the basement and didn’t feel a thing. Didn’t even know anything had happened until Daughter 11.1 (who was upstairs reading in her bunk bed) ran downstairs and yelled “DID YOU FEEL THAT?” Apparently her bed started swaying all over the place.

Our house is three floors with a walk out basement. Last night we were in the basement and we felt a brief rumble then a sharp thump and that was it. When we’ve been on the top floor there is a lot more rattling because the house can sway more. Sort of interesting, but I’m really not interested in getting any more data.

My brother has a house that is over 100 years old in Sugarhouse - wood frame, he said the whole thing swayed and he heard a crack which makes him nervous. His house is two stories plus basement. I have an old brick and mortar house that will not do well in a big earthquake - I was in the basement at the time and didn’t feel anything.

Of course for the past few weeks I keep think I’m feeling small quakes and nothing is registering on Quake Feed. I think this little quake had a bigger toll on me than I realized.

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My parents live in the South Salt Lake ghetto and felt many of the aftershocks including this one. Apparently it’s giving my mother very real anxiety. Meanwhile in Sandy I felt only the main shock and the biggest aftershock and I would welcome more just to break the monotony.


A lot of why some feel the quakes and others don’t is liquefaction.

Houses that sit on the sediment of the old lake bonneville are far more likely to feel these quakes than those that aren’t.

My house in Herriman is on rock, we’ve only felt the main quake and two aftershocks.

A friend lives 40 blocks due north in West Jordan, down the hill and on the sediment layers. They feel all kinds of these quakes.

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There’s excellent mapping of the liquefaction zones in Salt lake posted earlier.

Just got another one!
4.2 earthquake! Thu Apr 16 07:41:29 MDT 2020 near 5km NNE of Magna, Utah

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Yup. Felt that one this time.


Did feel it so much as heard it. The entire house started creaking, and all the animals went nuts.

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I was sitting in the bathtub. Talk about feeling totally unprepared…


Now I’m visualizing this. Talk about feeling totally unprepared.


It’s always the wrong people who visualize me in the tub…