Google wire went down

Anyone having trouble?
Its been working fine for 8 months. Doesn’t seem to be a customer support # to call at this time of night.
Already unluged and rebooted system and mesh to no avail.

Nope. Working just fine at my house.

Working fine 1/2 mile south of the UofU, and literally not one issue in 6+ weeks (yet).

I have to say, that I have NEVER seen this sort of reliability in my neighborhood, and I’ve had internet at this location from either Comcast or CenturyLink since sometime in the early/mid 1990s.

My current level of reliability should not be considered an endorsement; honestly, this is sort of what we should ALL EXPECT, after all we are paying (and paying at least enough) for it.

I have my own personal problems with Google as an organization, but internet reliability (so far) is not one of them.

Screw the phone and TV companies. They’ve been doing IT to all of us for decades.

(I do hope that @RockerUte was able to take them to task for the issues with the cycling incident he had a few years ago. The contractors in the valley and the governmental organizations that should have been monitoring them, did not do well enough. I think I recall reading here that he no longer cycles, which if still true, is an unconscionable outcome).

Heading into year 3 of trying to reach settlement with the Google subcontractor. And yes I hung up the bike after riding daily for nearly my entire adult life. Not willing to exacerbate or endure the pain I have constantly now as a result, nor risk my life like that because the outcome could have EASILY cost my life.

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Probably because my infrastructure was built into the neighborhood at the time it was developed (1996), I rarely experience outages. The recent ones all tied back to the quake in one way or another. As they have added fiber lines, thing have gotten a lot faster.

Just seeing this now, so hopefully your problem is fixed, but this is the Google Fiber support number:

(866) 777-7550

Thanks all!
After an hour last night proving the guy needed to come out he was here at 8:30 swapped out the fiber box and we are good to go