Google Fiber

It is being installed in our neighborhood right now. does anyone have experience with it? We use Comcast right now and it’s OK, with occasional 5-minutes losses of service. That’s not ideal and really not great for working from home with clients who expect you to be available.

I switched to google fiber about two months ago. They’ve been great this far and superior customer service. Comcast and Centurylink are always a nightmare in my opinion.

Plus, google fiber has a WiFi mesh system which means out of box you get great WiFi throughout the house and can add more points if you need (I wanted good WiFi in my backyard so I added one in my garage).

I know I’m kind of new with google fiber so I haven’t had a chance to experience the downside, but right now the customer experience seems night and day.

Also, I’m internet only, I didn’t do TV or phone through them.

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A couple years back, there was a big trenching project on my street (near Daybreak). Crews up and down every day, big stretches of the road closed, a big crew, etc. It basically shut down our street for the better part of two weeks. We were told at the time that they were installing a Google Fiber line.

Two years later, and it’s still showing unavailable in my area. That seriously annoys me.

The best thing about having Google Fiber come to the property line in front of my house was the reaction of Comcast in better reliability, lower price for more services and they keep checking to make sure we don’t jump to Google. Overall the service just got better. We have considered cutting the cord but for now Comcast fits our needs and the price is competitive.

It’s often cheaper now to just keep cable, unless you want to cut live sports too.

I cut years ago and then switched back to save money.

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This has proven to be very true now. Every time we consider switching we call Comcast to let them know we are moving to Google and they have made a deal of some kind. We have not had our bill go up in years unlike how it used to be. And we have much better speeds these days as well. We also have plenty of bandwidth to support everyone working and doing school from home. It is really nice to have options though.

I had used this method to stay on Centurylink and keep prices low - because what consumer household needs 1GB internet… but this last time around they simply didn’t care - there was no effort to retain my business - but they did try to charge me fees saying I needed to return a leased modem I actually owned and stuff like that. Comcast and Centurylink are high on the scale of trying to mess over your customers.

Honestly, we are high demand users and I think even then we can safely get away with 50mbps, with 100mbps being preferable. I was bummed that Google Fiber no longer offers its 200mbps $50/mo option.

We cut the cord a long time ago, we fire up Sling during the sports seasons I care about (basketball and football) and have no regrets that way. In fact one of the most comical things was watching my kids see commercials for the first time or wrap their heads around live TV. A couple of commercials came on and my kids were shifting around and finally said, “What is going on! Why do they keep showing these things!!!” (If you don’t see commercials for a while you quickly realize how loud and fast-paced they are compared to regular TV - it is really obnoxious). Then they’d say, “Skip ahead!” “We can’t, it is live TV - you just have to sit there like a dope in real time…” “Stop messing with us Dad! Just skip ahead!!!” :joy:

Then I break into stories of having only 3 channels and having to get up and change the channel, which resulted in watching a lot of things you had no interest in watching. Ah the trials we experienced our kids just don’t appreciate.

I’ve had Google Fiber in Provo for around 7 years. I only recall having 1 service interruption the entire time. And as others have stated, customer service is exceptional

Comcast has me over a barrel, and they know it. They’re really the only high-speed option in my neighborhood, so I very rarely get any sort of deal offer when I’ve tried to negotiate with them. They know I have no other options, and act accordingly.

My favorite was when I bought my own modem so I could quit renting one from them for $10/month. As soon as I did that and returned their equipment, my bill jumped…by $15/month. I was apparently getting a “discount” for using their equipment, which went away when I returned it. :roll_eyes:

I downgraded my service to 100 MB from 250 MB back in January, but now that I’m working exclusively from home and we’ll likely be doing virtual home school as well, I may have to bump that back up.

I switched from Century Link to Utopia Fiber. It was about the same price and much faster. I did have some issues about 4 months ago for a short period of time where everything that was connected froze a couple of times. But resetting everything resolved it. I love the fiber.

I should mention, my understanding is that Google Fiber is only for Salt Lake City Proper, so I’m actually surprised they were claiming it was going to Daybreak.

If Google fiber were in my neighborhood in SLC, I would sign up in a heartbeat. I’ve never had anything but trouble with Comcast, and refuse to use them ever again. I am currently in Communication Hell trying to upgrade my CenturyLInk service to fiber. CenturyLink seems to be completely incompetent, in every manner. Their only saving grace, is that once everything is setup and working, I will not have any further problems, the price will remain the same, and there will be no cap on usage.

It is hard for me to imagine that Google service could possibly be worse than what I have experienced over the years with Comcast and CenturyLink, and as has been mentioned here, the best thing about their presence is that it forces the others to compete.


We’ve had Google Fiber since early May and we haven’t had any service interruptions.

I’ve used every speedtest under the sun and I’m always at 960MBup and about 950MB down. Not technically one Gig but damn close. The mesh network is where it’s at with their hardware. We went from deadspots all over our house to no deadspots.

Costwise it’s a flat 70 a month and your only choice is the 1Gig service.

We’ve been using Hulu Live with Disney Plus and that’s 60 a month.

When we left Comcast our next bill for 250G internet and TV was going to be close to 200, we’re saving 70 a month now.

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I’m getting that now for 100 from Comcast.

Previous to me jumping from centurylink I actually had 40mbps for $30 month, so for that cheap it was worth dealing with whatever. But it did mean that I had to put in my calendar to renegotiate with them each year or my rate would jump WAY up. This year they didn’t want to negotiate - they told me I could sign up for Gig internet through them at the same price as Google Fiber. However, I did have to pay for an install and for their modem.

Google Fiber provided a free modem and as @Clownpuncher noted the Wifi mesh network which is fantastic - and I can cancel at any time, no contract. On the mesh network, I live in an older house and had a few deadspots. I WFH and when the weather is good work from my back porch, so I wanted good wifi in my backyard too. The mesh network is great, no deadspots anywhere despite my lead paint lined walls.

Centurylink would also go out on me in any significant rainstorm for some reason. Fortunately in Utah that means only 4-5 of those a year, but a hassle to restart the modem and stuff.

Internet is a commodity, so my opinion is if you can save the money and put up with the customer service, do it. But Google Fiber also releases a fresh pine scent each time I use my phone in the bathroom.


Oh they are absolutely a soulless terrible company. The only reason I stay with them is that they offer what I want at a reasonable price and I have options. I hold the advantage so I can get what I want if they want to keep me as a customer. I feel bad for you and for those who don’t have those options.

We must be neighbors. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. If we don’t move I suspect the switch is the right move.

I moved from CenturyLink to Comcast several years ago and have had generally good service. I have the 1GBPS download service and TV with the full sports package. If it hadn’t been for the season getting flushed, I was all ready to watch all the games from home.

Because way too many out there refused to wear a mask and help contain the infections, I don’t get to have nice things. :cry: