Good Stuff on Netflix, etc

This is on HBOMax and it is great:


Netflix needs to do “A Year in” documentaries of all the US National Parks. One documentary for each National Park.

Just because.

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I just finished this tonight. I feel like my brain just melted and is about to ooze out my ears.

I have never seen a show go quite as insanely off the rails as that just did. It was an absolutely fascinating, indescribable train wreck that I couldn’t turn away from.


Did a two day binge of the “Resident Evil” reboot series. It was a pretty typical dystopian world / action show with lots of burned up stuff, monsters, and gore.

Made me appreciate iZombie more.

I was hooked 10 minutes into the first episode.

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This is my next show. I am finally getting “Reservation Dogs” in before they start season 2. It’s all the hype said it was.

that is how long it took me. it never lets up, all the way to the end. Cant wait for season 2.

I’m just starting episode five. There’s some fine acting going on here. John Lithgow is wonderful, and so is Amy Brenneman. Jeff Bridges is, well, Jeff Bridges, but I like Jeff Bridges.

Is anybody else here old enough to remember watching Jeff’s dad Lloyd on “Sea Hunt” when they were a kid?


I remember sea hunt. Llyod bridges had a huge watch and face mask. Jeff Bridges appeared in a couple of epiosdes, and so did his mom. (not sure iof Beau was old enoough). Who else remembers Jeff Bridges in the Last Picture Show?

My wife and I kept commenting on how great the acting is, but also the scripts. The dialogue bewteen Jeff and Amy Brenneman is subtle and really well done. Same with Lithgow and the other CIA agents, esp. the actress rl who plays his young asst.

Jeff Bridges is not always Jeff Bridges. I have never watched many Marvel movies, but just the other night I watched the original Ironman becasue Jeff Bridges is in it and I had heard it is the best Marvel movie. It was awful; he was awful. Really forgetable role.

I remember Sea Hunt reruns…I think it was on the same night as Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Glad I’m not as old as some of you relics.

So did Lloyd make his name in Sea Hunt or Airplane?

… that title brought back a memory that made me laugh…

Sometime in the late 60s, when I was about ten or eleven, I recall buying my first Mad Magazine. It included a parody of the TV show mentioned, called “Voyage to See What’s on the Bottom”. That started many years of enjoying Mad Magazine.


Oh wow, I haven’t thought about Mad Magazine in years! I can still remember my Mom rolling her eyes when I would beg her to buy me one. Spy vs Spy was my favorite!

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My favorite summer days as an 80’s kid were a whole group of us riding our BMX bikes to the 7-11 on the corner of Ft. Union and 2300 East after getting our allowances. We’d blow our newfound riches on a giant Slurpee, candy cigarettes and/or Gobstoppers, and the latest Mad Magazine. We’d hang out and read the magazine cover to cover (understanding about half of it, if that), then go plug any extra quarters we had left over into the arcade machines at the video store across the street (next to the old Carl’s Cafe).

Good times.


Sea Hunt was his first (only?) starring role. Airplane made him an icon.

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One of the most iconic quotations in movie history: I guess I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.


Watch the Comanche dub of “Prey” on HULU. I wish I could have seen this in a theater: