Good Stuff on Netflix, etc

So maybe they could call it “Darcy + Dorky”?

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We’ve been slowly working our way through, “Maid,” starring Andie McDowell and her daughter Margaret Qualley. It’s mostly autobiographical based on a a book by a woman who left an abusive relationship and got work as a housekeeper. It’s a pretty good look into how hard it is for someone with no resources to climb out of being virtually homeless. Andie McDowell as the manic mother is really good in the role.

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Started binge watching “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction” with David Letterman.

Generally, the people Dave has interviewed have been pretty fun to hear.


Just watched based on your recommendation and very much enjoyed it.


I don’t have a horse in the race anymore (left the church) but I have really enjoyed Under the Banner of Heaven. Pretty dark stuff.

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they have taken quite a few liberties but anything with Gil Birmingham i am watching.

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i have enjoyed the lincoln lawyer on netflix

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Watched “Between to Ferns: The Movie” last night, after watching the series on Amazon.

Laughed my a$$ off.

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I wanted to like that one more than I did. I thought the actual show segments were hilarious, but the story in between was mostly just lame.

Watching “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”

It has been fun to see all sorts of cars and the comedian talk…classic.


I watched through the whole series back in 2020 and occasionally rewatch some of my favorites. The cars are usually fun to see, and some of the comics are quite interesting. The one that surprised me the most, maybe because I had low expectations, was Eddie Murphy. What he was saying about how Bill Cosby treated him was wild, and his story about the night when he didn’t get paid and his dad had to drive in from Long Island to pick him up was hilarious.

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Just started this over the weekend and I am through six episodes. Y’all OK in Utah? Do I need to send a wellness check from the folks in Colorado?

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If that mini-series has taught us nothing else, this board is under the right circumstances just minutes away from murdering a whole bunch of people… which happens to be much longer than the seconds away the rest of the nation is.

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I think people in Utah are mostly beyond all that, regardless of what perspective they have on the UTBOH topic. When Krakauer’s book came out it caused a pretty big stir, but that was 20 years ago.

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I’ve been on a Netflix anime kick lately. I tried:

  • Bastard: Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy (SO pervy and generally just gross…I quit three episodes in)
  • Finished Devilman: Crybaby (excellent, but incredibly dark and depressing)
  • Finished Castlevania (amazing)
  • Started Blood of Zeus (interesting retelling of Greek myths. Stellar animation, meh story so far)
  • Currently working my way through Neon Genesis Evangelion (groundbreaking series, but definitely showing it’s age).

We’ve been watching “Becoming Elizabeth”. Very interesting and pretty factual, from what I can gather.

Inventing Anna - fascinating (true) story, very well done, very recent history.

A few dozen reasons / reminders why I’ll never live in NYC.

People always talk about Justified to me because I live in Kentucky. I used to live in Lexington but now live more in Nashville than Kentucky. It’s weird how TV shows get everything so wrong.

Old Man with Jeff Bridges and John Lithgow on Hulu is outstanding.

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I’m also kind of interested in the story because of the flashbacks to the early church. I know I have a 6x Great Grandfather who has some letters with Joseph Smith. He was from New York where they met but died in Nauvoo, Illinois where he’s buried in the Pioneer cemetery. I really don’t know much about him though and probably should look into that.