Good Stuff on Netflix, etc

It’s one week until the new season of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” drops on Prime. One of the best shows ever, IMO.


Muderville has been pretty funny for the first five episodes

“Legend of Vox Machina” on Prime has been an absolute blast. It’s an animated re-telling of the D&D campaign Critical Role has been streaming for years, and is remarkably well done (if you enjoy that sort of geeky thing).

Note that it’s very adult-oriented (lots of language, gore, and cartoon nudity)…definitely not for the kiddos.


Nightmare Alley is on HBOMax … my god … I want that time back.

This has been so good.

welcome to earf


The funny thing is they go deep into the ocean and see some very cool things. I just finished the episode on Swarms and he went to Africa to watch the Wilderbeast cross. It’s a great show because he’s a great host and the shots are top notch.

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First episode of Season 3 is WOW! Based off this story:

I watched it several weeks ago. Outstanding.


Season two was dang near perfection.

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I watched season one and remember that I enjoyed it, but honestly couldn’t tell you a single thing that happened. I remember it was an absolute mindbender of a plotline and Lyonne was incredible, but all of the specifics elude me entirely.

Will definitely need to read a refresher before starting Season 2.

I’m slow to get to this thread, somewhat necroing this topic.

I recently plowed through the novel Station Eleven in a few reading sessions. I did this because I found a fairly glowing review for Sea of Tranquility, by Emily St. John Mandel and it’s the third book in the Station Eleven universe. I found Station Eleven fascinating in its portrayal of society’s breakdown in pandemic times and it was published in 2014.

I liked it enough to pick up a couple of episodes of the HBO series. The storylines were massaged a little bit for television but I found it bold of them to show an alternate universe where in 2020 the pandemic took out 99% of the human population. Two years ago I might have cried “too soon!” but actually it feels entertaining and not too much doom and gloom. I did eventually “meh” out after the first couple of episodes but I’ll probably watch a few more.

As always, the book was better.


It’s kind of like Leftovers on HBO. I was totally unsure what was going on but it was glorious.

I really loved Station 11 the book. I was very disappointed in the series, moslty becasue it changed the plot of the book so much. Going to start Sea of Tranquility soon.

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I also liked Drive to Survive. It’s stunning how technical and computer driven every aspect of F1 is. It’s like watching a Space X launch.

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C.S. Lewis?


Season 3 of “Love Death + Robots” dropped on Netflix this week. It’s one of the most consistently creative, funny, and intense adult animation shows out there. 9 separate episodes, each telling a completely different story with different directors. The animation is simply incredible, to the point where it’s often difficult to tell what is CGI and what is live action.

It’s very violent and gory, and is truly a sight to behold. One of my favorite Netflix series.


“Operation Mincemeat” is excellent. Good history-based story, excellent actors, and a well-designed plot. Inspiring too.


They should have called the show “Darcy + Darcy”.

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Good point. Except this time one of them had to play a nerdy kind of character (who is also a good guy).