Good Stuff on Netflix, etc

I’m always looking for a good new show or movie to watch and love recommendations.

One series I got hooked on last year, despite previously having almost no interest in the sport is Formula 1:Drive to Survive. Season two has been equally good. You don’t need to know anything about the sport to get into it, and it isn’t just a recap of the season.

Netflix has the first 5 seasons of Schitts Creek. 6th and final season is on Pop TV now. That is one of the best shows I have seen in years.


Season 2 of Altered Carbon was good, not as good as the first season but I liked it.

The New Sabrina series has been good.

Hunters and The Boys on Amazon Prime have been my 2 favorite shows though.

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Maybe I need to give it another shot. I watched the first three episodes a while back and didn’t even chuckle. I get some people love it, but I haven’t gotten it.

My wife is addicted to Outlander. Interesting story line and good acting. Lots of breasts, but I tolerate that. :wink:


There is a show called Norsemen that is a cross between Game and Thrones and Monty Python with a sprinkling of Seinfeld. If you like your humor with a side of violence, give it a try.

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Not for everyone, but I loved Peaky Blinders. I’m currently watching Turn. It’s a little cheesy but it’s okay.


I would definitely say it gets better after the first few episodes. And every season after the first is better than the last. But I also know the show isn’t for everyone. To me its very similar to Arrested Development, but instead of the family hating each other the family actually comes closer together.

The Crown. To me, it is surprisingly good.


If you like Norsemen you should check out Lillehammer. It’s the same guys plus Steven Van Zandt playing a more lovable version of Silvio from the Sopranos.


If you like hiking, or Southern Utah. On Amazon, “Figuring It Out On The Hayduke Trail” A quirky
10 part series hiking from Arches down through Grand Canyon, then back up finish in Zions. Over 800 miles.

BROCKMIRE! I know it’s on Hulu. Don’t know about Netflix.

The first season is the funniest show I’ve seen in years. Must watch TV for any baseball fan.

It tails off a bit after that first season, but it is all worth watching.


Inception is on Netflix, I haven’t watched it in a while. Great movie. Spoilers below if you haven’t seen it:

This time watching it I realized the ending that Cobb is in reality. Why? Because if he wasn’t, his wife wouldn’t have committed suicide but actually gone to reality and would have provided him a kick to wake himself. No kick means his wife is actually dead and he is in reality.

Prove me wrong.


I’ve been cheering myself up rewatching Season 1 of “30 Rock” on Amazon Prime. Highest joke density of any sitcom ever. My favorite line from yesterday’s binge was the wine magazine review of Jack’s newly purchased winery’s product: “The urine of Satan following a large helping of asparagus.”


Huge +1 to Norsemen. It reminds me of The Office meets Vikings. Absolutely hilarious.

For sci-fi, it’s a toss up between Altered Carbon (Netflix) and The Expanse (Amazon). Both are superb shows.

The Boys (Amazon) and Umbrella Academy (Netflix) are both fun alternative takes on the superhero genre.

Sex Education (Netflix) is fantastic. Gillian Anderson is amazing to watch. As one critic said, “She can convey more with a single raised eyebrow than most actors can in an entire monologue.”

Russian Dolls (Netflix) is a great choice if you want something to completely mess with your head.

The Castlevania anime series (Netflix) has been a blast. Reminds me a lot of the old Vampire Hunter D movies I used to watch in the 90’s.

Oh, and don’t forget that Adult Swim is streaming all episodes of Metalocalypse for free right now. That’s pretty brutal (said in my best Nathan Explosion voice)

Nolan’s best movie. Y’all can debate between the Batmans, Dunkirk, and David Bowie movie for 2nd.

One of my favorite comedy series of all time. Just finished thru season 5. I’ve never seen season 6, and it seems to have jumped the shark so far.

The Spy with Sasha Baron Cohen in a completely serious role as an Israeli spy in Syria. Great story and acting.


Loved season 1 but disappointed in season 2. Season 2 budget was much less and it showed.

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“You’re wearing a tux!”
“It’s after six; what am I, a farmer?”


I know there are people that just hate Alec Baldwin and wouldn’t watch because of him, but he is absolutely hilarious in that role. All the GE/big Corp culture jokes always resonated with me.