Good news for us?

Good news here, maybe? If Riley is deprived of a star receiver off the bat, it can only be a good thing for us.

He was going even before the season started. No surprise here.


……………? He missed almost 1/2 the season due to injury and it was known all along he was going to declare. You just won the PAC 12 anyway.

We’re not going to be threatening - yet. Let’s circle-back in 2023 and talk about it then.


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I used to agree but with Transfer Portal you can turn things around in a season.

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I think most of the development for USC will be on the LOS on both sides of the ball.

Remember when Stevie T went there as a Grad Transfer because he was stuck behind 2 Jrs. here, and was an instant hero?

With Oregon starting over, and UW doing another restart, we have an opportunity make another step up the ladder in recruiting and building the brand.


There are several players that will be hard to replace across the PAC-12, but we’ll probably have some of our own (well, def. Devin Lloyd + others). But with Brown, Kayvon, maybe Dye at Oregon; maybe RB Baylor at Oregon St.; QB Dorian TR at UCLA; RB Rachaad White at ASU; and some other seniors or high level Juniors that probably will jump to the NFL since really they are playing their 4th year with the covid season, there will be a next man up mentality. In some cases, just one or two players were critical to the success of that team, so it might take time to replace those yards or defense.

Hopefully there are next players at all these schools, the PAC12 is stronger across the board without cannibalizing itself, and our talent, coaching, and effort are still a cut above. Gotta beat the best to be the best.


Between the NFL Draft and the Transfer Portal, everything is going to be fluid. This winter and spring is going to be the biggest wait and see game ever played - for all teams.

OU seeing a mass defection of recruits with Riley leaving is a prime example of the volatility out there.

Hopefully the stability of our program will work as an asset for attracting kids who would’ve normally been headed to U$C, OU, Oregon, and the likes. A lot of teams in the PAC 12 are going to be big unknowns next season. Everyone knows Utah is going to be Utah.