Mark Few is one if not the only coach remaining today that has a idea how to coach college basketball. Other coached, including Utah’s own, could take lessons from him

It sure seems like that assistant who left Gonzaga to be the head coach at Arizona sure can coach as well. I wonder if Harlan contacted him at all.

But I agree, Few is such a great coach.

Yeah, Few was great to tell us how good Giac would be for us and how he’d be such a good coach. :wink:


Yeah, then there’s that. Giac is probably one of those guys who was a fine assistant but can’t handle the pressure of being in charge.


I actually think that is true of Giac and Boylen. Given that Boylen was given a HC shot with the Bulls (with some disastrous results) that can be the only explanation. I think it is a lot harder to be a HC than an assistant. Kyle Whittingham noted as much - remember his first game where he said, “Wow, football games are long!” or something to that effect. He was used to coaching only half a game on defense.

You can’t argue with Few’s success on the court. Same with the real Coach K… doesn’t mean I have to like them though.

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The issue isn’t whether or not a coach is likeable. This year’s tournament is simply dreadful due to lack of coaching.

This tourney reminds me of watching Tark and UNLV back in the day. “Run and Gun” was sort of unique to being just the Rebels back then. Now it’s like we have a field full of “Run and Gun” teams.

The difference? Tark’s kids could play defense. None of these “Run and Gun” teams know how to defend anyone…kind of like Jimmer Fredette couldn’t guard his own shadow; or the NBA equivalent Adrian Dantley - better known as “AD/No D.”

FWIW it does make the better coached teams like the ‘Zags stand out.


You bring back many fond memories of Tark and His coaching. .What has happened to the game that I so loved?

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Those old school coaches aren’t tolerated anymore. Seems like coaches can no longer expect great effort from their players these days.

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Yeah, I don’t think Majerus would make it today.


Oh, yeah. He’d be cancelled so quick. One of my roomates was a walk-on/grey shirt and he had stories. But he said his HS coach in Hawaii swore just as much.