Going 0-fer in conference...on the road

I know there have been a number of excuses given for why this season’s team plays the way it plays. At this point I am not buying 99 percent of it. If you can beat the team at home, you better damn well beat at least one of them on the road. We are not the 1990’s New Mexico Lobos.

Watching the game yesterday, the thing that stood out was when Tommy Connor was doing the coaching at the end of the half, we seemed to surge. Then we folded up and let it get away at the end.

The positive - we didn’t get run out of the gym.

The negative - when we needed it, we couldn’t hit water if we fell out of a boat in the middle of the lake.

Going 0-fer the conference, at a minimum should make Larry’s seat get pretty damned warm. If we lose to Ralphie this upcoming weekend, it better be close or you might see a couple of more degrees added.

I don’t see how we are not a one and done at the conference tourney. Oh, and there will be no post season tournament knocking on our door.

God help the program if any of the freshmen who are showing promise hit the portal.

Yeah, it’s a pessimistic view. Given what just happened, I don’t know how you get more than we caught lightning in a bottle when we beat Kentucky and East Provo. Everything else was a big needs improvement…lots of improvement to contend for titles. If the post season turns into another rebuild discussion…

I’ll say it again. If any of this year’s contributors (Allen, Gach, Battin, Carlsen, Jones, Jantunen, Brenchley, Thioune) leave, then I’m on board for looking for a replacement.


As much as I hate the disruption of coaching changes, I think that would be worse in the current transfer environment too, I’d have to agree.

I saw something weird on Facebook about the transfers. Someone was claiming that part of the reason for transfers was racism on Larry’s part. They said they got that info from someone whose daughter was dating a player. I’ve never heard anything remotely like that before and I’m not sure there is any credibility with it. Anyone hear anything like this?

I’m fine with Battin leaving, and possibly, but less so with Gach.


I seriously doubt that. Too many examples to the contrary.

Just based on scholarship numbers & head count–someone has to leave.

Will it be a 5–because who wants to sit behind Carlson for 3 more years?

or a 1/2–sitting with Jones–except when he gets run over-- taking a ton of minutes & 2 high profile recruits coming in?

For both years, some days Gach has it, and others he doesn’t. Had his best game in a long time a few nights ago at Berkeley, but that was after a long slump. Whether he can ever get any consistency remains to be seen. Battin has been cold for a long time and is scared to even attempt any shot lately. Of the 2, Gach has more potential and is far better at driving to the hoop.

My wife summed it up accidentally, but quite nicely, after we fell apart in overtime. She said “So are we… … defeated on the road this year?”

Yes Honey, we are defeated.

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