Godspeed Florida

Because of the “what could happen,” I set up a feeder line in my breaker box so I could plug in my portable generator and restore my own power.

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From experience, donations to the Red Cross or other Local ERS nonprofits will avoid creating trailers full of stuff the affected people and entities don’t need. Money lets the nonprofits buy what is needed.


Rowdy, I remember traveling thru that section of FLA with my foster parents in the summers of 74 and 75… When I look at the mindless metastatic tumor-like growth along that coast (see the raging insanity that is Cape Coral) I have to wonder if everyone collectively lost every bit of intelligence… Why are people repeatedly building such non-sturdy (meaning not exactly brick and stone edifices) sprawls in the coastal area of a state that is ALWAYS in the prime tracks for storms that veer westward? The Atlantic Coasters seem to have learned something after Andrew, and those areas seem to avoid being completely flattened. But this Gulf Coast area… sigh… When will they learn that if you gonna live in the Hurricane equivalent of Tornado Alley, you better damn well build more durable things?

My genuine (not lipservice) thoughts and prayers go out to those left homeless etc. I dont really have any $$ to offer, so I do what I can in spirit.

Astonishing time-lapse video from Fort Myers: