Gif thread of Utah's offense

This GIF is the single redeeming aspect of tonight’s game. It probably belongs on Larry’s white board prior to the next game.

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The sad part is you can tell the guys have heart they just have a ■■■■■■ coach. Someone start a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds to #KOcoachK

Then immediately offer Alex Jensen the job for double what he’s making with the Jazz. He’s our obvious next HC in my mind at least.

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Sorry, but this collection of players is not very talented and has no learning curve.

My understanding is that it’s extremely difficult to put a .gif on a whiteboard.


Totally disagree. What’s the common thread over the last 6 years of mediocrity? Certainly not this group of freshmen and sophs.

They use the Surface Pro in the NFL for precisely this reason.

Jakob Poetl, Devon Wright, and Kyle Kuzma were talented. There isn’t a single player in this group that’s remotely close to those three.

I would argue that those guys underachieved as well. 3 NBA guys and they still lost 9 games. That’s on Larry.


OK, on the off chance that Larry is also technologically challenged:

  1. right-click, download,
  2. right-click, print,
  3. grab scotch tape on the way to printer,
  4. arrive at white board with everything needed…

Truer words were never spoken. That has always bugged me.

Just look at Duke this year. ■■■■ happens.

It does it happen for five years straight?

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