"Gateway games"

Tony Jones made an excellent point on Friday, calling Wazzu a “gateway game”. It’s a game that ultimately can lead to success or failure on a season, especially when taken in the context of the games that follow.

We now have a bye and Oregon St before facing off against ASU and Cal at home. A win yesterday moves things in a positive direction, allows players to get healthy, and sets an upward trajectory for the team. A loss yesterday would have had the exact opposite effect, and could have basically doomed the whole season.

It’s the same thing as “must win”, I suppose, but I really liked that idea of games that create a fork in the road for the team’s ultimate success. Glad the team stepped up and dominated when they needed to.

Side note: Utah is now 2-0 - with dominating wins - when I miss the game for a concert. You’re welcome. :slight_smile: So if there are any metal shows that someone wants to buy me a ticket for in a few weeks…let’s talk. (totally kidding, btw).

Seems about right, although the same could have been said last year and the Utes rallied quite well after a second consecutive loss between UW and WSU. Regardless, the W is much better and felt like great momentum going into the bye week.

p.s. Does it have to be metal? Maybe we can send you to any old concert going on game days and get the Skiny Absence Victory.

We needed the win to keep pace in the “Conference Of Cannibals.” Two losses this early in the conference schedule would’ve been hard to overcome if we wanted to win the South. Beating a team that has been like Ute Kryptonite as soundly as the kids did it gives us hope.