Gameday Chat

Just a reminder for those of you who haven’t been here in a while or maybe didn’t realize, but we moved chat just into its own thread. The thread will update dynamically just like chat - so for those of us watching from home and looking for game time decision, this is the place to do it.

GO UTES! 10 is coming!

PAC looking better today. Too bad about Cal. I never really thought the Buffs had a shot, but there were some bright spots

let’s go good guys

Packed house. Hehehehehe

Good luck today gents

3 and out, nice start

Yeesh, was afraid they’d come up fired up like this.

Scoring will shut them up.

SDST up 21-0 on Arizona

Just need to settle down and execute the plays.

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They really need to shut off the color guy’s mic as he’s telling the camera crew who to focus on.

Utes finding their rhythm.

Maybe not finding any rhythm. Can’t put the ball on the ground.

welp, can’t do that

Going to have to sit him. So disappointing

Thomas might not see the field again this year.

Sigh… the first quarter usually goes like this, right?

Maybe not. Shame.

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Might have seen the last of Thomas for a while. Ugh.

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Carrying the ball away from his body…prime pickings.