Game week two deep

I think there could be a some truth to his argument, because our CBs and NBs are so young. Talented, but inexperienced. We all know there’s plenty of talent to work with, but especially early in camp, the WRs have had the advantage, on experience.

I’ll bet Nacua, Thompson & Enis and even Vele have been giving them a baptism by fire. That’s what camp is about, for new guys.

Right now it’s JTB & CP3 as the 1s, with Mata’ele in this 2nd-3rd year as the NB. Marks & Boyd are apparently fighting it out for who is #4.

It will be fun to watch…

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Why thank you kind sir. But let’s be real, Bentley put up 3,000 yards and 28 TD’s down at USC…we haven’t had anyone do that. And I did ignore Huntley’s SR season…he was pretty damn good too.

But the raw production Bentley can give us…we haven’t had a QB who can do that. As great as Huntley was, he had some pretty big holes in his game and Ludwig did an amazing job keeping the game very narrow for Tyler so he could be successful. He didn’t ask Tyler to do anything he wasn’t good at and Tyler freaking balled out.

But JR Bentley and JR Huntley were in many ways the same QB…and if Ludwig could get the same type of production out of bigger armed Huntley (Bentley)…and if Rising is better than that…

That hype train just might be just around that bend…

Man, I can’t wait for Saturday.

The USC game has potential to be something else. If our QB’s can take a step forward with the talent around them…that USC game might be a good old fashioned WAC shootout. First to 55 wins/last team with the ball wins. Should be fun…at least for the offenses…

Covey is about to start the first of his three remaining seasons of eligibility. If I recall correctly, he arrived on campus around 2011 :wink:

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Boyd in the transfer portal.

Hey other FR CBs: the market is open for game snaps!


weather on Saturday

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Schematically, Vonte Davis & Nate Ritchie have the position down, though almost certainly not at Blackmon/Burgess levels. (That was PhD level work we saw last year.)

Scalley may dial up some unexpected stuff with Vonte & Nate, but I’d be surprised if we see anything too crazy on Saturday.

But let’s look at the 2s:

Kamo’i Latu - 6-3/190 FR from Saint Louis HS in Honolulu

Zemaiah Vaughn - 6-2/175 FR from Beaumont, TX

First of all, they wouldn’t be on the depth chart if Scalley didn’t think they can grasp the Safety position, which is a credit to both of them, right now.

Hopefully they’re not needed if the one of the 1s gets nicked, but Latu has the height & probably the frame to fill out and become a LB, so whatever experience he gets at S is money in the bank.

Vaughn is the mystery kid. Beaumont is Scalley’s recruiting territory, east of Houston, so without having seen him, and seeing this kid came in as a walkon, I have a hunch this kid may be the latest recruiting coup Scalley has made in finding gems to play S.

Everyone remember the lanky Marcus Williams as a freshman? Marcus got a lot more snaps, but I wonder if this kid is an under the radar prodigy that will similarly fill out and become a serious center fielder.

The Texas kids come in much better prepared to play than the west coast kids, so I think #16 Zemaiah Vaughn is somebody to keep an eye on.

If something crazy happens and the wheels fall off the cart, Scalley could always move Nephi Sewell back to play SS. He definitely impressed when we saw him late last year - athleticism and now he has the pop at 225 lbs.