Game week two deep

The two obvious freshman crack the starting lineup, but, how about Jaren Kump pushing a starter for a spot? If he wins it, it will put two freshman on the right side of the line. I’m guessing they’ll be running left on the goal line. Plus a few other freshman in the two deep. QB position still stuck at a bunch of “OR’s”. They know but gotta be playing it close to the vest right?


In re qb that’s exactly what they’re doing. A lot of smoke the starter is Rising.

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I will bet you a steak dinner the starting QB is Bentley.

Anyone know what happened to Johnny Maea? He was on the pre-camp 2 deep on the O-Line…

Where is Hubert? (Probably going to be a mix and match year. Damn.)

Zemaiah Vaughn must be absorbing the D to be listed behind Vonte Davis at FS. Vonte at FS, Nate Ritchie at SS. We’ll probably see Kamo’i Latu.

Bam moved inside to RG.

CP3 starting at one CB, and backing up Mataele at NB. JTB at the other CB, with Faybian Marks backing him up.

Can’t wait to see Devaughn Vele, and with the “O” thought to be leading the way early, we’ll see him. Samson Nacua likewise the 2 at two different WR positions. He’s essentially a starter.

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Ummm… We’ve had multiple insiders, who have never been wrong (never never) drop OBVIOUS hints that the starter will be Cam Rising. One of whom said that the competition has essentially been equal with Whitt liking Rising better, and Lud liking Bentley. Whitt wins that argument.

Me personally? If it’s that close, I would go with the guy that has more experience, but given that this is in essence a throw away year, why it would be nice to get Rising the experience because he will almost certainly be the guy next year.

Whitt seems to value the running ability of Rising quite a bit, I hope that doesn’t mean bad things for our pass blocking (once again).

Another aspect KW emphasized was accuracy. There’s plenty of film on Bentley, essentially none on Rising. Maybe Cam has one of those MLB pitcher kinds of arms - needle point accuracy.

So many other aspects involved with being a P5 QB, as we saw with Huntley.

We… shall… see

Whitt said that Hubert isn’t doing as well as they’d like with his injury. From what I heard, I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t play for at least another month unless we desperately need him for USC or ASU.

Whitt LOVES a running QB. He’s a defensive guy. When your QB can’t run, it helps the defense as you are playing 11 on 10. When your QB can run, the defense has to play 11 on 11 and it changes everything.

Rising’s issue is TO’s. He throws picks. Like…a lot. It sounds like he’s been a lot better in fall camp. I’d bet Rising starts and if he tosses a pick we see Bentley really quick.

The best play in college football is the broken play on 3rd and long where the QB evades the rush and then scrambles for 40 yards. No other play has been more successful against Utah or anyone else. You have to have that play in your arsenal.


That game where the Utes got behind byu 20-0 it seems like byu’s entire offense was this play. Wilson would scramble on 3 & long for a first down on what seemed like every three plays in that first half.

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Have to assume if the accuracy is good, it’s been an issue of decision making, which can be fixed. (Guys with great arms think they can make every play, have to learn it ain’t so.)

Have to assume we’ll see both QBs. (If we see Lisk on Saturday, it’s either really, really good, or extremely bad.)


Do you take the bet or not? I believe Ludwig makes the decision, you think Kyle wants to spend another 11 years swapping OCs around??

Very true, especially with Whitt. Throwing a pick is akin to flicking a booger at him…he won’t stand for it.


If he throws a lot of picks he shouldn’t be on the field. That is the last thing we need. We need our offense to stay on the field as long as possible every game.

If he has indeed improved in this regard, then that is great. If he is just not throwing them because our secondary sucks ballsack, then we are going to suck if he starts.

I gotta think with a close competition, with Covid, with the (reported) excellent response from the QBs to the decision… we’ll see both, and since the year is kind of a one-off, Lud will look to settle on one QB, but early if bad signs are seen, change to Bentley.

I think it’s possible this is all one big swerve, the Rising is rising thing.

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BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Thank you kind sir for the laugh today.

Dont do it. Save you rmoney. Its Rising. He has gotten all the No. 1 snaps for the past week.

God, could you imagine if the sophomore Rising is the real deal…I’ve been more on the Bentley train because I’m more of a bird in the hand kind of guy and I’ve seen Bentley and Bentley is better than anything Utah has had at QB since Smith…but if Rising is better.

You are a humongous Utah homer and BYU hater…so you’re alright.