Game tonight At Cal!

4PM mountain time on PAC-12 network. Utes seek revenge for the home loss a couple of weeks ago.

Cal has Matt Bradley back, so they are healthier than last game.

I’ll be watching. GO UTES!!

I never saw… does anyone know what was the league’s rationale for all these weekday games in the middle of the afternoon? Understood, fan attendance is a non-issue during the pandemic but this can’t be helping viewership in the slightest.

Larry Scott.

I will also be watching.

Larry strongly hinted that Utah ran out of gas vs. Cal earlier this year. I think it was their 4th game in 7 days. I think there is something to that, crossing fingers for a Ute victory tonight.

No Rylan Jones today, shoulder injury

10 point halftime lead. Now for the white knuckle ride in the 2nd. :wink:


It’s like predicting the sun will rise.

Tied :confused:

Well, that didn’t take long…

so grateful Cal is so bad at times

I hope this doesn’t become a problem in the last 4 minutes, but we’ve gone with a really short bench. We’ve played 8 total while Carl’s played 11. If we lose because of guys getting tired it’s self-inflicted. Hopefully the fact that we haven’t had lots of games lately makes that a moot point.

relieved CAL hasn’t figured out that Bradley should shoot it every time

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Martinez is playing great.


Any conference road win is a great win.

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Good to see. We need him to be good going forward.

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Wow. I’m surprised to see that charge in Allen reversed. I actually thought he got there late, the circle be damned. Good break for us.

And then they follow with a horrible block call on Jantunen. :roll_eyes:

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Free throws? In-bound play?

A W is a W, but what is it with this team and 10 point halftime leads?