Game Day/Time Chat Thread

It is GAME DAY… FINALLY!!! For those of you who won’t be attending in person and who want to chat - this is the place to do it. When we first launched the new site I added a chat component, but it was buggy and actually started affecting the performance of @NewbombTurk so we had to do something. Actually, this site is built with chat throughout it. So during the game you can just post here, and you don’t even need to refresh, new posts will appear in the thread magically.

Go Utes!

My performance is never in question. Just don’t talk to my wife.


bump for those who may want to chat - let’s not make a million threads

Game time predictions - @NewbombTurk proves he is performing just fine by the 4th quarter.

More like :beer: :beers:

Go Utes!

Definitely a nice big time feel. The view from the new SEZ:


that Ty Jordan tribute on the PAC12 Network :cry:


That stadium is empty! Where is everyone?

I really like our helmets.
Bernard is looking good.

Come on boys punch it through

Pretty good drive. Just an unfortunate drop.

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5:30 weekday games are always like this in the first quarter.

Bad drop by Pledger, Brewer looked good

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Agree on Brewer so far. He’s taken a few shots in the backfield already.

Well…that was terrible.


Could see that coming, team didn’t maintain lanes

Crap coverage

There were bound to be a few fluke plays. Let’s hope that’s the end of it! :slight_smile:

on a positive note, our defense still hasn’t given up a 1st down

This is why you have these types of games 1st. ST will get lit up by the coaches.