Funny video about Bama missing the playoffs

With an amusing Utah mention as well.

If you’ve never seen it before, that channel is hilarious.

That was clever, and hilarious. Thx


I’m sorry I have only one vote to give this post.


Well that just sent me down an hour-long rabbit hole of SEC Shorts hilarity. These things are very funny.

If there is anything we can do it’s laugh at ourselves. This is a group out of Birmingham who majority are Alabama fans. They also do “It’s a Southern Thing” with gems like this:

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I can vouch for the exponential growth of Dollar General. There are at least 4 in a 5 mile radius of my house and we’re in the sticks of Ea. NC. One we built in less than a month. Nothing gets built here in less than a month, but Dollar General stores. To paraphrase Einstein, it’s a spooky action in your neighborhood. Really, it’s spooky how fast they pop up, like Christmas tree lots, but permanent.

I drove from Bowling Green, Kentucky to Bentonville, Arkansas recently. There were side roads with farm land. You’re just driving with zero gas stations or anything. Next thing you know, Dollar General Store. There are 3 within a mile to two miles from my house. It’s like Trader Joe’s in Los Angeles County. They are everywhere.

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