Funny moments from the draft broadcast

I watched the NFL draft last night with one eye. Read a book with the other eye (an old Alistair MacLean if anyone is interested).

The production was very different because of the quarantine. In stead of the players sitting in a ‘green room’ with mom, agent, and coach, they were at home with family. The new perspective made me laugh, and sometimes cringe, more than once. A few of my random observations.

The show was full of human interest stories about overcoming poverty, single moms, etc. The stories were well done and a few touched my heart. Then they showed the kids at home. All were sitting in a beautiful living room in a nice suburban home. Most of the homes were nicer than mine! Not one kid looked like he was sitting on a broken couch in a crappy apartment. I guess college football pays better than I thought!

When the players are in the green room they are always dolled up in flashy bespoke suits. At home, they mostly wore sweats and saved themselves $2000. Given how poorly many of these guys will manage their money, saving the $2K was probably a good for them.

We all know offensive tackles are large human beings. Their families also figured to be big people, but OMG! Some of these guys were outweighed by 100+ lbs by their mom, dad, and younger siblings. I hope they invest some of their newfound wealth into getting their family healthier.

Every prospect had a girlfriend sitting next to him. The GF check quickly became one of my most entertaining moments. Some wore jeans. Some were all glammed up. The baby mama of one of the huge tackles weighed under 100 lbs, and was barely 5’ tall. Others were built like Lizzo. I felt sorry for those girls. I’d like to check back on them in a year or two. I suspect most of these guys will do the millionaire thing and trade these girls in for a flashy new model pretty quickly.

Well staged funny moment: It’s become a tradition for the fans to boo when the commissioner is introduced. There was no audience this year, so they tried to substitute a video board with fans on it. It was pretty much a fail, EXCEPT when the commissioner was introduced and everyone on the video board gave a loud “BOOOOOO!”. Made me chuckle.

Anyone else see something humorous in the broadcast?

That Green Bay selected Jordan Love.


And they traded up to get him. Struck me as odd. I hope he plays well in the pros, but I watched a couple USU games and wasn’t super impressed. Hopefully GB can coach him up.

CBS Gave the Green Bay Packers a draft grade of D for selecting Jordan Love. I honestly do not see him ever starting in the NFL. 20 TDs vs 17 INTs? Maybe he’s just color blind and everyone looks open?


These two girlfriends may not be kept around much longer.


Ha! I was thinking the same thing.

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